c’est moi

I am very much a Southern girl who managed to get herself to France (!!!) for college study abroad (University of Tennessee – Go Vols!) and then somehow fell onto the London stage at the Central School of Speech and Drama where the amazing Brits had a grand old time molding my work.  And then they gave me a Masters degree!  It was all quite magical in retrospect.  After this, I hopped a jet plane to the Big Apple.  Been working here ever since and feel truly lucky to be able to live in this amazing city and do what I love.

Brief history of me.

Hobbies include:  Reading, Pilates and barre workouts, drinking wine while blogging (clearly), writing with the fountain pen that has traveled the world with me, crocheting off centered scarves for unprepared friends, boozy cupcakes, playing with my YorkiePoo… and baking the BEST chocolate cake on the planet.  This has not been officially proven, but the satisfied know who they are.   Oh, and I believe in both fairies and Santa Claus (though the fat man has YET to bring me diamond stud earrings or the Smurf lunchbox I requested some 20 odd years ago).

Always looking forward and can’t wait to see what is next!


laughing shot